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Self help, self motivation, self action

Self help, self motivation, self action

Self help is more like self research, unless you have...

Self motivation, which is more like being excited about something new, unless you have ...

Self action, which is where change happens and means you do something with your newfound knowledge or epiphany to help yourself be better. 

I have read upwards of 50 self-help books because I love the feeling of being excited and motivated and fresh and smart. But I have only really found the self-motivation to act on a few occasions. I'll say there are only two books I have actually acted on: The Secret by Rhonda Burns, and Make It Happen by Lara Casey. 

I have taken advice from a few people as well along the self help lines in these ways (among a few others): 

1. Write out your consolations and desolations to help you make a decision

2. Leap and the net will appear to help you start something big

3. Life's too short. If you want cream in your coffee, drink cream in your coffee.

4. If you can dream it, you can do it. 

5. Be easier on yourself and don't take life so seriously

6. Shine a light in all the dark corners of your life. Acknowledge them, seek to understand them, and then accept them. 



One of my favorite takeaways: "There's a thrill to dancing with existential crisis." - Seth Godin

Taken out of context it may seem like this podcast is all about that, and it is not. I simply was moved into realizing how addicted I am to that "roller coaster"...


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